Hortilux Bulb 400MH Conversion

Hortilux Bulb 400MH Conversion

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The Hortilux Daylight Blue Metal Halide is by far the world’s most powerful grow light. This grow lamp produces plants with extremely tight internodal spacing for nice compact, bushy plants. This allows the plant to produce large colorful fruits and flowers. When using the BLUE during the vegetative stage, it can shorten this period by one full week – allowing for one extra crop per year.

Hortilux BLUE grow lamps emit a world class spectrum that is unmatched in the lighting industry. It is the closest match to natural sunlight of any light source available today. This lamp is for experienced growers who demand the highest quality plant production during ALL phases of plant growth.


As close as you can get to natural sunlight. 

Keeps plants compact putting more energy into flower production. 

Shortens vegetative stage by one week – gaining an extra crop each year. 

Produces the highest quality crops. 

Creates powerful aromas. 

Produces better tasting fruits and vegetables.