Luky 8 50ml

Luky 8 50ml

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Odor Eliminating Spray - 50ml

Developed on the Canadian East Coast. LUKY8™’s exclusive advanced formula is specifically developed to neutralize smoke odours as well as other airborne odours.

LUKY8™’s fast smoke odour neutralizing action interacts with odours on a molecular level & is proven to remove odours in the car or at home.

Its lightly scented, non-toxic formula is safe to use on yourself or around pets & is completely biodegradable.

Try LUKY8™ smoke odour eliminator today, it REALLY works!

Luky8 Features:

  • Interacts with odours on a molecular level.
  • Fast neutralizing action.
  • Non-toxic formula that is safe to use around pets or on yourself.
  • Biodegradable.
  • Masterly crafted on the Canadian East Coast.