Nature's Nectar Nitrogen 4L

Nature's Nectar Nitrogen 4L

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Nature's Nectar is the leading natural organic nutrient in commercial food and fruit production.
Nature's Nectar solution contains no sediment and has been manufactured so all nutrients are instantly available to your plant.
Nature's Nectar, for exceptional growth, quality and yield.

Nature's Nectar Nitrogen...
-  Completely solublized, instantly available source of nitrogen with no sediment
- Fully 13% of the formula contains 21 free amino acids.
- Provides nutrition for beneficial bacteria improving conditions of growing medium.
- Increases photosynthesis for a greener plant.

Detailed description:

- Guaranteed Minimum Analysis is Nitrogen (N) 5.0%.
- Derived from protein hydrolysate.
- Use 1½ teaspoons per gallon of water.