Orgunique Humik 1.6kg

Orgunique Humik 1.6kg

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Humik 1.6 kg

Humik is a 100% organic, granular soil additive that contains Humic Acid derivatives, obtained from Leonardite. It increases organic matter content in root zone, reduces leaching of nutrients and promotes beneficial microbial activity in soil. It also helps seed germination rates.

Guaranteed Minimum Analysis:

Humic Acid 50.0 % Inert Ingredients 30.0 %

Directions for Use:

Mix well in the soil

Soil/Beds: 2-2.5 Kg /10 sq. metres
Trees: 1-1.5 cups (250-350 g) for each 2 inch trunk diameter
Potted Plants: 2-3 tsp (10-15 g) gallon (4 litres of medium
Medium Mix: 2-2.5 Kg/cubic metre

Repeat application if desired

List of Ingredients:

Humic Acid Derivatives, derived from Leonardite.