Payload Bags 5 Gallon 4 Bags Kit

Payload Bags 5 Gallon 4 Bags Kit

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Payload Bags™ is dedicated to providing the industries highest quality multi-use filtration kits. Putting our customers needs first fuels Payload Bags™ on its path to becoming the industries #1 chosen multi-use filtration kit.

Payload filtration kits allow you to safely and efficiently separate the valuable resins that plants naturally secrete, without the use of any chemicals.

Separation Bags feature:

  • 5 Gallon 9 Bag Kit by Payload Bags
  • Drawstring for a tight fit
  • Industrial waterproof
  • Strongest filter on the market, guaranteed pore size
  • Surge seamed thread for strength
  • Includes large sturdy filters for increased water flow when draining
  • All bags are color coded, numbered and labeled
  • High quality drying screen provided

The Rosin Pressing Screens by Payload Bags feature a 25 micron size and can be used to make your own fresh Rosin or solventless hash oil. Simply wrap your flower, hash or keif in the bag before applying heat to separate the oil from the cannabis material.