Nature's Nectar Phosphorus 4L

Nature's Nectar Phosphorus 4L

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Nature's Nectar is the leading natural organic nutrient in commercial food and fruit production.
Nature's Nectar solution contains no sediment and has been manufactured so all nutrients are instantly available to your plant.
Nature's Nectar, for exceptional growth, quality and yield.

Nature's Nectar Phosphorus...
- Nature's Nectar Phosphorus is a completely solublized phosphorus source that also contains calcium.
- Organic acid ensures phosphorus is easily absorbed.
- Adds size and weight to fruit and flowers.
- Aids in root development.

Detailed description:

- Guaranteed Minimum Analysis is Available Phosphate (P205) 4.0%
- Calcium (Ca) 1.4%.
- Derived from bat guano.
- Use 2½ teaspoons per gallon of water.